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    How do I restart my Nike+ SportWatch GPS?

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    If your Nike+ SportWatch GPS is not responding, simply restarting the device may solve the issue. You will not lose any run data or settings by restarting.

    To restart your SportWatch, press the Select and Up buttons at the same time until the firmware version displays (about 5 seconds).

    Restart the Nike+ SportWatch GPS

    The device will shut off, then power on to the main menu. If your SportWatch doesn't start up right away, connect the device into your computer's USB port for a few minutes.

    If rebooting does not solve the issue, please attempt a SportWatch factory reset or contact us for troubleshooting assistance.

    Note: Performing a factory reset will clear your user settings, sensor calibration information, weekly distance numbers, personal records and run history.

    Run data already uploaded to your will remain intact.

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