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    How do I optimize the strength of my Nike Run Club GPS signal?

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    Optimizing and checking the strength of your GPS signal with Nike Run Club will help capture the best data and map route.

    For optimal GPS signal, try the following best practices:

    • Move to an area where your view of the sky is open and is unobstructed by buildings or trees
    • Make sure your device's location services (in device settings) are enabled for Nike Run Club
    • Carry your device in a way that enables strong reception (in your hand or on your wrist, depending on your device type)

    To check the strength of your GPS signal, select your device below for instructions.

    Nike Run Club for iOS and Android (Mobile)

    Before Run: From the run screen, open the Settings icon and make sure "Indoor/Treadmill" is toggled OFF so that you are in Outdoor mode.

    In Run: Check the GPS signal strength indicator color inside the location marker icon.

    • Green = Strong
    • Yellow = Fair
    • Red = Weak
    Nike Run Club for Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Series 2, and Apple Watch

    Before Run: From the start screen, scroll from bottom to top and make sure “Indoor” is toggled off so that you are in Outdoor mode.

    In Run: Follow the best practices outlined above.

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