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    How do I set up my Nike+ Training shoes?

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    Note: You will need to have the Nike+ Training app already installed on your mobile device to follow the setup process described below. This app is no longer updated or maintained, and has been removed from the iTunes App Store. Existing users are, of course, welcome to continue using the app, but it is not available to new users. Existing users should also be aware that the app is not compatible with iOS 8, and functionality will be lost if you upgrade to iOS 8 with this app installed. For more information on this topic, please click here.

    To follow the process outlined here, you will need Nike+ enabled shoes, a Nike+ Sport Charger, a Nike+ Sport Adapter, and two (2) Nike+ Sport Sensors - one for each shoe. Follow these steps to set up your Nike+ Training shoes:

    1. Wake up your Nike+ Sport Sensors.

      1. Download and install Nike+ Connect on your computer.
      2. Insert the sensors into the Nike+ Sport Charger, then connect the charger to the USB port on your computer.
      3. Nike+ Connect will open automatically and allow you to update the Nike+ Sport Sensors.
      4. Keep the Nike+ Charger connected to your computer until the Nike+ Sport Sensors are fully charged. The green LED means that the sensor is fully charged.

    2. Open the Nike+ Training app, and sign in to NikePlus.
    3. If you haven't yet connected with NikePlus, tap "Join Now."
    4. Pair your Nike+ Sport Sensors and Nike+ Training shoes to the app.
      1. If you are using an iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4 or iPod touch, connect the Nike+ Sport Adapter to your mobile device. You do not need to use the Nike+ Sport Adapter if you are using the iPhone 5 or 4S.

      2. Open the app and sign in (if you're not already signed in). The app will search for shoes that have already been paired to the device. Tap PAIR MY SHOES when prompted and follow the instructions.
      3. When prompted by the app, insert Nike+ Sport Sensor into left shoe pocket, press the heel sensor, and wait for the confirmation message in the app (this may take up to 10 seconds).

      4. Repeat this step for the right shoe when prompted by the app.

    Once you complete these steps, you can open the app anytime and track your workout with Nike+ Training.

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