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    How do I create and track my Nike+ Running goal?

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    The Nike+ Running Goals feature gives you the ability to create a goal and track your progress toward it. Select your experience below for instructions.
    1. Sign in to Nike+
    2. Click the "Dashboard" tab at the top of the page.

    The Goal bar is located directly below the Dashboard view. You can accept the goal Nike+ suggests for you, or create your own.

    The Goal bar on the dashboard of your Nike+ account

    If you create your own goal, you can create a goal based on:

    • Run frequency
    • Run distance
    • NikeFuel
    • Calories burned
    • Note: You can only have one active Goal at a time.

    Once created, you'll see the Goal and your progress in your Dashboard view each time you log in to You have the option to share the Goal via Facebook and Twitter.

    Click the gear-shaped Settings icon to see additional options such as:

    • Renaming the Goal
    • Extending the Goal
    • Adding the Goal to a calendar
    • Restarting the Goal or deleting the Goal.
    Nike+ Running App for Android (Mobile)
    If you have set up a Run More Often or Run More Miles goal on (see instructions in section above), you can track your progress by viewing the dynamic goal bar at the bottom of the Nike+ Running App home screen. The goal bar uses an easy red-to-green color code to quickly see if you're on track.

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