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    How do I deactivate my NikePlus Profile?

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    If you decide to deactivate your NikePlus Profile, we will miss you.

    Before starting, remember that deactivating your NikePlus Profile is a permanent and irreversible action. Please do not deactivate your Profile unless you're completely certain you do not want to keep your Nike data, your order history, or any of your other stored information.

    If you wish to continue, follow these steps to deactivate your NikePlus Profile:

    1. Sign in to NikePlus.
    2. Go to your profile.
    3. Choose "Account Settings."
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT" button.
    5. Select the checkbox in the pop-up confirmation message and click "DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT."

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