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    How do I remove a run from NikePlus?

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    Removed runs cannot be restored. Click here to remove a run from your Nike device instead of through

    To remove runs uploaded to NikePlus, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to NikePlus.
    2. Go to "Running" under "ACTIVITIES" in the activity menu.
    3. Choose the run you wish to delete.
    4. Select "Edit" and confirm by clicking the "REMOVE" button.
    5. Choose "YES."
    6. The run will be removed from NikePlus.

    Note: The workout history on the Nike+ Running app will no longer display the source run. The source run will remain visible on the Nike + iPod, Nike+ SportWatch GPS and Nike+ SportBand's wokrout history until it is replaced by more recent data in your device's temporary history.

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