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    What are Nike+ Challenges?

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    The Nike+ Challenges feature in the Nike+ Running App allows you to race against your Nike+ friends. The first person to reach the chosen distance within the chosen period of time is the winner.

    Ready to race? Here's how it works:

    1. Get the current version of the Nike+ Running App installed on your iOS or Android device.
    2. Set your Nike+ account Privacy Settings to Social (Friends) or Public (Everyone).
    3. Create the Challenge and issue invitations:
      • On your Nike+ Running App home screen, tap the Menu icon.
      • Tap Challenges.
      • Tap "Start New Challenge."
      • Enter your challenge name in the Challenge Name field (27-character limit). Tap Done.
      • Tap Duration and scroll to select a start date (tomorrow or any date thereafter). Tap Next.
      • Scroll to select an end date. Tap Done.
      • Tap Select Friends. A list of your eligible Nike+ Friends who are also using the Nike+ Running App will appear. Select a friend by tapping the circle next to his/her name. Tap Done when you are finished selecting friends. Be thorough! No additional invites can be sent once the Challenge has begun.

    Your friends will now receive their invitations. They can accept any time before the challenge begins. Once the challenge begins, invitations can no longer be accepted.

    The challenge will start on the designated start day at just after midnight in the challenge creator's time zone. Once the challenge has started, all synced Nike+ mileage counts, even if it's recorded on a different device. Mileage must be synced in order to count!The challenge will end at midnight on the designated end day in the challenge creator's time zone. At that point, all standings become final and no further mileage will count, even if it was recorded during the active challenge period.

    Want more competition? Just tap the Rematch button to set up another challenge with the same invite list.

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