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    How do I tag my Nike shoes?

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    Tagging your Nike shoes allows you to know exactly how far you've run in the shoes and when its time to retire them.

    Select your device or experience below for instructions.

    Nike+ Run Club for iOS (mobile)
    1. Go to the ACTIVITY screen
    2. Select the run you'd like to tag with a shoe
    3. Tap "MY SHOES"
    4. Enter the name of the shoe (If it is a Nike shoe, it should prepopulate and you can select it)

    If you'd like to retire a shoe, tap the shoe and then swipe right. Hit "Retire."

    Nike+ Run Club for Apple Watch Nike+, Apple Watch Series 2, & Apple Watch

    After you finish a run on your watch, you can tag your shoes with Nike+ Run Club for iOS on your connected mobile device. For detailed instructions, please see the "Nike+ Run Club for iOS (Mobile)" section above.

    Nike+ Run Club for Android (mobile)
    1. Go to the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the home screen
    2. Tap "Activity"
    3. Select the summary of the run you'd like to tag with a shoe
    4. Choose "Tag your shoes" to view the shoe menu
    5. Tap "Done" to save your tags
    My Activity
    1. Sign in to Nike+
    2. Go to "Running" under "ACTIVITIES" in the activity menu
    3. Choose the run you'd like to tag with a shoe
    4. Scroll down and select the shoe tile and select a predefined shoe or add your own
    5. Click "ADD"

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