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    Nike+ Training Sensors Code 52

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    If Nike+ Connect displays Code 52 ("Nike+ Connect wasn't able to connect your Nike+ Sport Charger"), there is a problem or timeout between Nike+ Connect and the Nike+ Sport Sensor. The Nike+ Sport Sensor is currently in an unstable state.

    Nike+ Training Sensors Code 52

    If you experience Code 52, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

    1. In the Code 52 message box, click "Quit."
    2. Unplug your Nike+ Sport Charger, with the Sport Sensors inserted, from your USB port. Reconnect it to the same USB port.
    3. If Code 52 persists, please retry step 2 twice more.
    4. If Code 52 persists, make sure you have the latest Nike+ Connect version.
    5. Restart your computer.
    6. If Code 52 persists, please try connecting your Sport Charger to a different USB port that is not part of the same USB hub.
    7. If Code 52 persists and you have the option to try a different computer, please do so. Once Code 52 is resolved on the alternate computer, you should be able to connect your Sport Charger to the original computer successfully.
    8. If Code 52 persists, please reset the Nike+ Sport Sensor.

    If the troubleshooting steps above fail, please contact us.

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