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    Can I do something besides running for My Plan in the Nike Training Club app?

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    Any workout is better than no workout at all.

    Plans in the Nike Training Club App with recommended running workouts are designed to help optimize endurance, but may not always be the best fit for you.

    As an alternative to running, you can select an activity from our workout library and manually enter your workout stats. Follow the steps below to manually add an alternative workout to your plan.

    1. Go to My Plan
    2. Scroll down and tap "ADD A WORKOUT"
    3. Select an activity from the list
    4. Enter the date and duration
    5. Tap "NEXT"
    6. Slide the icon to enter your workout rating
    7. Select where you worked out
    8. Tap "DONE" if you're finished or "SHARE" if you want to share your workout to the Feed

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