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    At Nike, we strive to help athletes* reach their athletic potential through premium digital and wearable activity tracking experiences, and we understand the importance of accurate training/running data. As such, we are continuously innovating, resulting in new technologies and new experiences.

    As part of those efforts, as of 3.31.18, we are retiring services for legacy Nike wearable devices such as the Nike+ FuelBand and the Nike+ SportWatch, and previous versions of apps, including Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club versions 4.X and lower. Likewise, we also no longer will support the Nike+ Connect software that transfers data to your NikePlus Profile.

    All running data that has been synced to your NikePlus Profile is still accessible by you through the Nike Run Club and/or Nike Training Club app. However, NikeFuel has been removed and is no longer available to you. You can continue to track your runs and workouts by downloading the latest version of the Nike Run Club app, Nike Training Club app, and/or Apple Watch Nike+.



    What devices and apps are impacted?
    • Nike+ Connect Software
    • Nike+ SportWatch
    • Nike+ FuelBand
    • Nike+ SportBand
    • Nike+ iPod
    • Nike Run Club app version 4.X and 1.X Android and lower
    • Nike Training app version 4.X and lower (iOS and Android)
    • Nike+ Fuel app (iOS and Android)
    • Nike+ Move app (iOS only)
    What happened to my data that I synced with my device?
    • Running: All of your synced running data is still available to you in the Nike Run Club app.
    • NikeFuel: You can no longer access your individual NikeFuel data, nor use the NikeFuel app on either iOS or Android.
    • My Activity on This feature has been removed from To access your running and training workouts, aggregates, and achievements/trophies, please use the Nike Run Club app and/or Nike Training Club app.
    Can I still use my device/app?
    • Devices: You can still use your NikePlus device until it is full of memory. However, since Nike+ Connect is no longer supported, you cannot sync to NikePlus to clear storage.
    • Running and Training apps: If you are using Nike Run Club app 4.X on iOS or 1.X on Android or lower and/or Nike Training Club app version 4.X or lower, you will have to update to the most recent version.
    • NikeFuel and Nike+ Move: These apps are no longer available for use, and we have removed them from the App Store and Google Play.
    Can I still earn NikeFuel?

    Your Nike+ FuelBand will generate NikeFuel until it is full of memory. However, you can no longer sync NikeFuel to your NikePlus Profile and you do not have access to NikeFuel aggregates and trophies/achievements.

    Which FuelBand do I have?

    Do I have a FuelBand or a FuelBand SE? Look inside your band to find out.