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    How do I change my Nike+ FuelBand goal?

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    Your Nike+ FuelBand Daily Goal is the amount of NikeFuel you strive to earn on your FuelBand SE or first generation FuelBand. The Daily Goal should be a number that is challenging but realistic. You may need to experiment with your FuelBand to find the exact number that is right for you.

    You will select your Daily Goal during initial setup but can change your goal anytime through Nike+ Connect or the Nike+ FuelBand App. When you make changes to your FuelBand goal, the change begins at midnight the following day. You cannot change your FuelBand goal for the current day.

    Change your FuelBand by clicking your preferred method below:

    Nike+ FuelBand App
    1. From your mobile device’s home screen, tap the Nike+ FuelBand App icon.
    2. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
    3. Tap the Settings icon at the center bottom of your screen.
    4. Tap "Daily Goal."
    5. Tap the Daily Goal field to clear the current value.
    6. Enter your new Daily Goal.
    7. Tap "Save."
    Nike+ Connect
    1. Plug your device into your computer’s USB port.
    2. When Nike+ Connect launches, click Settings in the Nike+ Connect applet. You should now be looking at the Daily Goal tab.
    3. In the Daily Goal field (inside the green circle graphic), overwrite the existing number with the number representing your new Daily Goal.
    4. Click "Save."

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