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    How do I sync my Nike + iPod run to via iTunes?

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    After completing a run using Nike + iPod, you can sync your data to your account. Start by selecting your device below:

    iPod nano (all generations) or iPod touch (generation 1 or 2)

    Simply connect your device to your computer to automatically launch iTunes. The first time you connect the device with workout data from Nike + iPod, iTunes will ask if you would like the data sent to

    Prompt: Do you want to automatically upload workout data to when syncing

    Click Send to have iTunes deliver your workout data to

    You will receive a confirmation message once the data is sent. Click "Visit" in the confirmation message to open

    If you are new to Nike+, register for a free account by clicking "Join Nike". If you have an existing Nike+ account, click "Log In". You must be logged in for your run to attach to your Nike+ profile.

    Prompt: Workout data uploaded to Do you want to visit

    Once you've sent workout data from iTunes to, iTunes will send future Nike + iPod workout data automatically when you connect your device to your computer. You must have internet connection for data to be sent.

    iPhone or iPod touch generation 3 or later

    After ending your Nike + iPod run, you can sync activity to your Nike+ profile. If you have run data to upload, you will see a red dot next to the History icon at the bottom of the app.

    Red dot above Nike + iPod history icon indicates data is ready for upload

    Follow these steps to sync your Nike+ run data:

    1. Tap the "History" icon in the app
    2. Tap "Send to Nike+ website"
      Nike + iPod 'Send to Nike+' button location
    3. Your browser will open
      • If you already have a Nike+ profile, tap "Log In"
      • If you don't yet have a profile, tap "Join Nike+"

    After logging in to your Nike+ profile, the information for your most recent run will be displayed.

    You can also send runs to Nike+ by tapping the "Settings" icon on your mobile device. Select Nike + iPod and scroll to the bottom.

    If you have unsynced run data, the last option under Nike + iPod will be "Send workouts to Nike+." Tap this option to send your run data to

    If you do not have any run data to upload, the final option under Nike + iPod will be "Go to Nike+."

    Note: If you have an iOS 5+ device, you must sync wirelessly. Syncing via iTunes is not supported.

    If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.

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