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    How do I sync my Nike + iPod run to via iTunes?

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    After completing a run using Nike + iPod, you can sync your data to your account. Start by selecting your device below:

    iPod nano (all generations) or iPod touch (generation 1 or 2)

    Simply connect your device to your computer to automatically launch iTunes. The first time you connect the device with workout data from Nike + iPod, iTunes will ask if you would like the data sent to

    Prompt: Do you want to automatically upload workout data to when syncing

    Click Send to have iTunes deliver your workout data to

    You will receive a confirmation message once the data is sent. Click "Visit" in the confirmation message to open

    If you are new to Nike+, register for a free account by clicking "Join Nike". If you have an existing Nike+ account, click "Log In". You must be logged in for your run to attach to your Nike+ profile.

    Prompt: Workout data uploaded to Do you want to visit

    Once you've sent workout data from iTunes to, iTunes will send future Nike + iPod workout data automatically when you connect your device to your computer. You must have internet connection for data to be sent.

    iPhone (generations 3, 4, and 5) or iPod touch (generation 3 or later)

    After ending your Nike + iPod run, you can sync activity to your Nike+ profile. If you have run data to upload, you will see a red dot next to the History icon at the bottom of the app.

    Red dot above Nike + iPod history icon indicates data is ready for upload

    Follow these steps to sync your Nike+ run data:

    1. Tap the "History" icon in the app
    2. Tap "Send to Nike+ website"
      Nike + iPod 'Send to Nike+' button location
    3. Your browser will open
      • If you already have a Nike+ profile, tap "Log In"
      • If you don't yet have a profile, tap "Join Nike+"

    After logging in to your Nike+ profile, the information for your most recent run will be displayed.

    You can also send runs to Nike+ by tapping the "Settings" icon on your mobile device. Select Nike + iPod and scroll to the bottom.

    If you have unsynced run data, the last option under Nike + iPod will be "Send workouts to Nike+." Tap this option to send your run data to

    If you do not have any run data to upload, the final option under Nike + iPod will be "Go to Nike+."

    Note: If you have an iOS 5+ device, you must sync wirelessly. Syncing via iTunes is not supported.

    If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.

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