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    How long is the Nike+ SportBand battery life?

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    The SportBand battery can record approximately 14 hours of run time before charging is needed.

    While charging, your SportBand will display "CHRG" to indicate the device is charging and "FULL BATT" to indicate the battery is fully charged.

    The battery level is indicated on the SportBand display. The display will read "LOW" when you have about 1 hour of recording time remaining. The SportBand will continue recording your run with a low battery but will stop once the battery is completely depleted.

    You can also check your SportBand battery level through Nike+ Connect. Plug the Link into your computer to launch Nike+ Connect. The battery icon in the lower left corner of the Nike+ Connect window indicates the device's charge level.

    You can charge your Nike+ SportBand by removing the Link and connecting the Link to your computer's USB port. The SportBand takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

    You can also use other USB charging adapters (wall adapter or car charger), but charging time may vary.

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